Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Blog?

That Retired Guy (TRG) has lots of time for thinking (being retired and all) and sometimes, TRG even has ideas which seem to him to be at least a little original.  Sometimes a beach in Portugal provides a new and interesting perspective even if the idea itself is not new.  In these cases, a blog is a nice place to put these ideas.  A blog publicizes, but it also records, so even if nobody reads, at least its there, and is somebody wants to read some day, they can.

TRG would really like to believe that he has something unique and interesting to say and that the world wants to hear it.  Wouldn't that be great?  Naturally, it may not be the case.  Maybe (probably) nobody reads this thing.  Even so, the fact that this is a public forum means that the ideas need some extra thought and care.  Some say that you should 'dance like nobody's watching'.  In fact, TRG finds that this idea often promotes very bad dancing.  It would be a mistake to blog like nobody's watching...  in that case, a private diary is probably a better medium.   The fact that this blog is public means that the ideas in it might find an audience, and if they do, it would be a shame if the ideas are not properly formed and thought out.  For TRG this is a great reason to blog.  It forces discipline.

What sort of ideas will be on this blog?  TRG doesn't really want to talk about himself, and he's not really out to cause a big stir.  After studying and working for years in finance, TRG finds himself thinking about these topics a lot, so there will be a fare amount of finance here, but there will also be some culture, and general commentary on society.  Basically this blog is going to be about whatever some retired guy in Portugal decides he wants to say, but he promises to keep it interesting, and link to original sources where appropriate.

Hopefully someone will enjoy it.  Hopefully, they will leave comments so we can have a discussion.  Hopefully no one will call me 'that retarded guy'.


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