Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hurray for May Day!

Happy May Day to all (except for Americans who don't play May Day because they think it's a communist thing).

No irony there, some retired guy telling the working world to enjoy their day off!

In celebration, That Retired Guy (TRG) has decided to join the Occupy Movement in their general strike of everything.  There will be no consumerism today!  No trips to get grocery store (he stocked up yesterday) and no coffee in the cafe. 

Naturally, this will not make a bit of difference to anything, but in his romantic way, TRG would like to imagine it would.  Lets imagine a world where every May Day, we really ALL STOPPED.  Not just stop working, stop consuming, stop forcing anyone to work (apart from the most essential services).  Would it not be the ultimate statement that PEOPLE are in control, not governments or corporations?

Why not one day were we not just have a holiday, but we actually try to reflect on the impact that all these consumer things around us have.  Reflect on the society we have created and ask ourselves 'is it really working?'  A natural setting is better for these types of reflections.  Go to a park instead of a mall.  Go camping, or hiking.  TRG tried to go surf, but alas, it's raining, cold and miserable out, so he came home to write a blog entry instead.

Of course devout Jews do it once a week, they are really good at this.  TRG recognizes there effort.   But alas, justifications matter.   And religious justifications can never be less nonsense then religion itself.  In the case of the Jews... wasn't a bit silly to dream up a god who only had enough energy to work six days straight?  And why is creating the earth seen as work anyway?  Was someone paying this god?  Surely it was more of a 'hobby'?  These obvious questions aside,  the real problem with religion is the distraction.  At best, imaginary gods distract us from the important issues around us, and at worst, give an excuse for not making necessary changes.  So, unfortunately, the Jews, who are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons end up failing in the same way as the math student flunks a test because they couldn't show the correct thought process even if they may have came up with the right final answer.

TRG has some ideas that he thinks could improve our society, and this blog will hopefully become a forum to discuss them.  But that's for a latter day, today let's just try to make May Day a true day of rest and reflection.

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