Friday, June 29, 2012

Angela Against The World

Angela Merkel had a rough night.  First, her German boys got ejected from the Euro 2012 Tournament, and she found herself facing a united front of meek governments demanding easier crisis terms.  She buckled, and so this morning, the markets are once again inspired by hope that the latest measures will put an end to the crisis.

Angela must miss her old friend Nic.  Hollande has been boosted with a surprisingly strong mandate in France, and is now leading the revolutionary cry against austerity.  So far, Angela has maintained her support in Germany in spite of a number of political u-turns, but will the German public really tolerate France's insubordination?

That Retired Guy predicted a slightly different form of Merkeland when Hollande was elected.  It's still a little too early to say weather 'Angela Against The World' is the new normal, but even if it is, the big question today (considering the market's move up):

Is 'Angela Against The World' really such a good thing?

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